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Looking for affordable website maintenance services in India? Socialifter provides the best website maintenance packages for businesses of all sizes. Our expert team ensures your website is always up-to-date and running smoothly. Contact us today for more information!

Website Maintenance Services That Keep Your Website 100% Secure & Updated With The Latest Technology

Website maintenance involves regular monitoring and updating of a website to ensure its functionality, relevance, and performance. It helps to prevent errors and downtime, improves user experience, boosts traffic growth, and enhances SEO and search engine rankings.

Efficient website maintenance is essential for businesses of all sizes to attract and retain customers. It is particularly beneficial for startups who need to establish a strong online presence.

Partnering with a website maintenance company ensures that your website is regularly checked and optimized for optimal performance. Contact us today to learn more about our website maintenance services.

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Steps Involved In Website Maintenance Services

To keep your website running smoothly, you need to complete a long list of tasks. Security updates and patches of websites are the most crucial ones to be done. If these security updates are done, the website is prone to danger when someone clicks on it.

Keeping this in mind, here is the list of tasks that need to be done.

Our Web Development Technology Competence

Socialifter is one of the best outsourcing companies for web development that provides high performance solutions to clients across the world. Some of the important web technologies that we hold expertise in are-

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Weekly

  • It needs to be checked that all pages are loading without any errors.
  • You should run a backup to store the previous version of the site even after the update.
  • Updates to be made to website software and plugins.
  • It needs to be checked if all forms are running correctly.
  • Any spam comments from pages and posts should be removed.
  • The page should be checked for any broken links.
  • Look for 404 errors and fix or resolve them.
  • One or more blog posts should be written to engage the audience and boost SEO traffic.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Monthly

  • The loading speed of the website should be checked and ensure that nothing is making it slow.
  • Security scans should be reviewed and analyzed to ensure that everything is in its place.
  • Past web analytics should be analyzed.
  • Articles should be checked if they need any updates on the blog.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Quarterly

  • Website design and structure should be reviewed and checked if it needs any improvement.
  • Graphics and images should be checked if they can be updated.
  • SEO and meta descriptions should be reviewed, and check if they can be made better.
  • Forms, call to action must be tested and modified.
  • All the workload assigned should be reviewed from time to time and check if something can be automated.
  • The website should be checked on all devices whether it is working fine and displaying correctly.
  • The advertising and marketing campaigns should also be reviewed to see if any update is required.
  • To check backup health, a previous version of the website should be restored.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Yearly

  • Any references to the current year should be updated.
  • Each page should be checked and reviewed for content accuracy, grammar, typing mistakes, and relevancy to the topic.
  • Check for all active email addresses and see if there are any excess and can be removed.
  • Make sure that you renew your website domain name.
  • Check whether a website design update is due.
  • The top-performing blog articles should be reviewed and checked if some new content could be added.

Proper Website Maintenance Plan

As mentioned earlier, maintaining a website is crucial for the success of any business. If website maintenance is not performed regularly and efficiently, it can lead to various complex issues, negatively impacting the growth and health of the business.

Keeping a website healthy and up-to-date is vital for maintaining its position on the top. One should be aware of tracking the website’s fitness regularly.

With the increasing number of website building tools, website sizes are also growing every year. However, simply adding more pages to the website does not guarantee success. Each page needs to be carefully crafted to ensure that it adds value to the overall user experience.

Why Is It Essential To Hire A Website Maintenance Company?

Most small companies have much more to think about in their businesses than check their website regularly. Though buying a domain name, setting up a temporary website, and thinking about it later, might be alluring but it is not a good idea due to several reasons. There are many other factors for which it is considered essential to keep the website up to date, active, and safe.

Search Engine Optimization

The ultimate goal of starting a business is to attract an audience, customers, or clients who would generate profits. However, to attract potential customers and clients, driving traffic to your website is crucial. Regularly updating and maintaining your website can help achieve this goal by ensuring that it stays relevant and engaging for your target audience.

Regular website maintenance is crucial for improving the SEO health of a website. By keeping the website up-to-date, relevant, and error-free, search engines like Google are more likely to rank it higher in search engine results pages. Regular updates and maintenance also help to ensure that the website is optimized with the latest keywords and trends, which can help to attract more traffic and potential customers. Overall, regular website maintenance plays a significant role in maintaining and improving the online presence and success of a business.

Customer Engagement

  • Once a website is live, it’s crucial to retain the potential customers and keep them engaged. This can be achieved by providing a website that is free of typing errors and grammatical issues, and has all the information that a customer needs. The website should be visually appealing and consistent in updating the latest trends. This will help in keeping the customers engaged, and ensure that they keep coming back to your website. Regular website maintenance is vital for achieving this.


  • Website security should be a top priority for businesses, especially if sensitive customer data is being stored on the website. Regular website maintenance should include the installation of software updates and security patches, particularly if the website is built on platforms like WordPress or Wix.Hackers often target inactive websites that haven’t been updated with the latest security measures, making them more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, regular website maintenance can help to ensure that your website is secure and protected from potential security threats.

Corporate Image

  • Having a professional website is crucial for building a strong online presence and establishing credibility for your business. It reflects the company’s image and helps in attracting potential customers.A well-designed website with a clear structure and layout is more likely to grab the attention of visitors and keep them engaged. It should be easy to navigate, load quickly, and be accessible across various devices.Moreover, a professional website should also provide relevant and up-to-date information about the business, its products or services, and contact details. It should also include features such as secure payment gateways, customer support, and social media integration to enhance user experience.

Your Sanity

  • For a business, the most important element is its website. On one hand, it can become a support and an asset if working in a smooth and updated condition. On the other hand, if it is not working in a good condition, it can become your liability and can cost you much.Also, if you lag behind the task of website maintenance, it will be a very lengthy task to start and make it up to date. Therefore, it is suggested to start afresh if the website is not taken care of over a long period of time.
Reputation Management

Socialifter has a proven track record of successfully planning, executing, controlling, and managing the online reputation of numerous high-profile individuals, businesses, organizations, and industries.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

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Why Do You Need Reputation Management?

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